Top 7 Feng Shui Decorating Tips in Living Room

living room with plants, unique coffee table design

In the hustle and bustle of our lives, it’s nice to come home to a place that is relaxing and calming, where we can take a few deep breaths and meditate or let our minds wander. Feng shui, a system of laws that focuses on the flow of energy in spatial arrangement and orientation, has been around for centuries keeping that very concept in mind. While many of us may not be able to incorporate all the laws of feng shui into our homes (there are many!), integrating some of the concepts will likely aid in our homes’ capacity for positive energy flow and influence of relaxation on the mind and soul.
While there are plenty of resources out there to guide you to extreme feng shui dedication, this article is not one of them. Rather, we’ve included 7 simple yet effective ideas for soothing feng shui décor into your home. And, when all is said and done, remember that, just as feng shui facilitates good design, good design also enhances feng shui elements.

Clear the Space

Space clearing is always an important step in creating good feng shui. The living room is especially important to space clear often because it’s one of the more public areas of the home. There are different space clearing techniques you can use like smudging, diffusing essential oils, or ringing bells.

Balance the Five Elements

The five elements are a Taoist system that uses the cycles of nature to inform and balance our health and happiness. The five important elements are earth, metal, water, wood, and fire.
An easy way to bring good feng shui into your living room is to include something from each of the five elements in your space.
Here are five elements using color and shape:
• Earth is earthy brown, orange, yellow colors, and flat, square shapes.
• Metal is white, gray, metallic colors, and spherical, round shapes.
• Water is black, very dark blue colors, and curvy, wavy shapes.
• Wood is blue, green colors, and rectangular, columnar shapes.
• Fire is fiery, red colors, and triangular shapes.

Balance the Five Elements, unique side tables

Choose Colors with Care and Delight

If you’ve researched feng shui at all, you’ve likely discovered many sources that require certain colors to be contained in certain parts of your home, whether north, south, east or west. The truth is, the actual color you choose for each space is not nearly as critical to the positive chi as is how the color makes you feel. An old, tired, dingy painted wall of any color will feel just that way – old, tired, and dingy, whereas a freshly painted, clean wall of the exact same color will breathe a new life and energy into the entire space.

Choose a Coffee Table with Rounded Edges

While a blending of shapes and angles is always good, both in standard interior design and in feng shui, some objects promote positive chi best without sharp angles jutting out. The unique coffee table is one of these instances. Because furniture tends to be arranged around a coffee table, people will likely be walking around it and facing it while they’re seated; this means that the jarring effect of a coffee table’s corners will be amplified. So, choose an oval or circle coffee table for the best energy to your living room.

Coffee Table with Rounded Edges, Unique tea table

Light up the Darker Spaces

No one likes a dark corner, and feng shui addresses that by recommending that all spaces have access to light. It makes sense, really, because light activates energy and sets it in motion; conversely, dark is energy stagnates. Have plenty of lamps around to activate energy in all the spaces.

Fill Your Home with Plants

Putting the plants to the living room has become a trend recently. There is no denying that living green plants bring life energy into your home. It’s a super simple way to bring good feng shui into your living room as well as bring a décor to your living room. Be sure to provide enough light, space, and décor.

living room with plants, unique coffee table design

Feng Shui Your Art

Definitely, Art is a personal thing, but bring the soul to your living room. As far as the feng shui of art in the living room, keep in mind these three points:
First, you can bring in meaningful colors or the five elements through an image. For example, a bright red painting that calls fire energy for passion, recognition, and vision. It will highlight your living room as well as ignite your passion.
Second, if possible, avoid art that is emotionally charged or that has a history with you. Often homeowners will have a piece of art hanging in their home that they have negative feelings about. Maybe it belonged to an ex, or it’s something they very much dislike.
Finally, don’t hang the art too low. When the artwork is low, the energy will also be low and lead to depression. Hang the art at the appropriate height for the space and the size of the piece.